The easiest way to download from Twitter.

Get anyone's tweets, followers, and more...

Drag the Twlets button to your bookmarks bar to install

The sky's the limit.

For any public user, you can download his/her

... most recent tweets (up to 3,200).

... followers info (up to 15,000).

... contact us for more features.

You can do all sorts of stuff using Excel!
For example, you can order the tweets chronologically, capture a flood and share it with your friends, or you can check out the most popular tweets of the president.

Please tell us how you use Twlets.
We'd love to hear your feedback as well!

Install and use right away!

1. Sign up to Twlets with your Twitter account.

2. Drag the Twlets button to your bookmarks bar.
To view the bar: Control + Shift + B (On a Mac: ⌘⇧B)

Now that you signed up and installed the let...

1. Navigate to the Twitter profile page of interest.

2. Click on the Twlets bookmarklet on your bar.
A form smartly auto-filled pops up.

3. Check the fields and start downloading, yay!

Pricing Simplified.

Pay for what you use. For each download:
Credits used = |Number of tweets downloaded| / 100
So, for example, downloading 3175 tweets is 31 credits.
And, downloading 99 or less tweets is 0 credits, i.e. it's free!
Note that with 200 free trial credits you can download 20,000+ tweets.

Login to buy credits.