The easiest way to download Twitter data.

Get anyone's tweets, followers, likes, videos, and more into Excel...

Twlets Chrome Extension

The sky's the limit.

For any public user, you can download

... her tweets and likes (up to 3,200 and 15,000).
... her followers and following (up to 50,000 each).
... members info of any of her lists (up to 50,000).
... retweet(er)s of her tweets (up to 3,200).
... the most recent replies she received (up to 18,000).

Actually the options menu tells it all... 👉 👉 👉

Please contact us and ask for more features.

You can do all sorts of stuff using Excel!
Sort the tweets in chronological in order,
capture a flood and share it with your friends,
compare the Twitter statistics of World Leaders, or
check out the most popular tweets of the U.S. President!

Here is How!

Simple: To get the tweets of @POTUS go to and click on the extension icon. Just wait a few seconds and...Done!

To download the followers of @POTUS (☝️) go to and click. You got the idea, to get following or likes go to that page and click. When you're on a tweet (status) page (like this), you can either get replies or retweets; you need to set it from the options menu:

1. Configure the download options.
    Right click the Twlets icon to get to the options menu.

2. Navigate to a Twitter page that Twlets supports*
    *: See the task-URL Mappings table on the right.

3. Get data of your interest with a single click, yay!
    Or, with a keyboard shortcut...

Twitter Page & Download Mappings

To achieve a task below click on the plugin when you are at the corresponding URL:
To download... Go to... and click
Tweets of POTUS
Followers of POTUS
POTUS Following
Twitter Stats of World Leaders
Replies or retweets to a Tweet

Notes regarding the limits

Regarding download times, although small requests are downloaded within few seconds, beware that downloading 20K followers takes about 3½ minutes and 50K followers takes as long as ~9 minutes.

Twlets works within a single Twitter rate-limited window. So, you might get a rate-limit exceeded error if you try too many downloads in a single window, in such cases wait for 15 minutes and then rerun your request.

Pricing Simplified.

Either pay for what you use, or go unlimited!
Some of the unlimited plan options are:
1-day (24 hours), 1-month (30 days), and 1-year (365 days)

In pay-as-you-go mode, for each download:
Credits used = Number of rows in the downloaded Excel file
So, for example, downloading info of 976 followers is 976 credits.
When you sign up for the first time you get 1,000 credits for free!

Please note that the base plans are about the same price of a venti latte ☕

This good thing has come to an end.

Twitter just rolled out a new pricing scheme, and for Twlets to keep running we need to subscribe to pro account, which is $5000/month, and that is ~10x of our current revenue, so we cannot afford it. Accordingly, Twlets is now out of business.
Active paid Twlets customers, please request refunds through PayPal.